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The unique student-led tutoring agency.
A-level and Oxbridge admissions support
All tutors studied at Oxbridge
Standardised teaching and free resources offered
Free lessons for disadvantaged students
Physics, Engineering, Phys NatSci offered
All tutors are current Oxbridge students
Standardised teaching and free resources offered
Free workshops for disadvantaged students

Our Services

Oxbridge Support

Admissions support for prospective Oxbridge students interested in studying STEM subjects at University.
  • Includes:
  • Admissions Test Workshops
  • Interview Workshops
  • Mock Interviews

A-level Preparation

Helping students improve their exam technique, grasp difficult concepts and achieve their desired grades.
  • Includes:
  • 1-on-1 Lessons
  • Group Lessons
  • Focused Feedback

Free Resources

A selection of Kaizen resources available to help with systematic revision and preparation.
  • Includes:
  • Oxbridge Prep Handbooks
  • Revision Guides
  • Goal Visualisation Templates
For discounts please see our matching scheme, available to students from more disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.



Average Rating
"I really liked how direct it was so it ensured that we were developing a full understanding of the questions and getting specific feedback. The workshop was great!"

~ from an interview workshop attendee
"The derivations of key formulae helped me to understand the questions much better."

~ from an admissions workshop attendee
"The tutors were really friendly and I really enjoyed the range of problems that I went over and how I was able to talk through the problems."

~ from an admissions workshop attendee
"The Maths and Physics sessions were both neatly split up into distinct parts according to topic. This made everything in the sessions very clear and compartmentalised."

~ from an admissions workshop attendee

About Us

Who are we?
We are a team of current and former Oxbridge students. We have come together to form Kaizen Tutors because we believe we can use our own admissions experience and the lessons we have learned to help support students who are embarking on their own A-level and university journey. We value quality, attention-to-detail and genuinely want to help people reach their targets,
Why Us?
We have looked at the support currently available, and we believe that we can make this support more personalised, more informative and less expensive. The word “Kaizen” is derived from Japanese and means “incremental continuous improvement”, and this is a central concept in our teaching philosophy. We believe that the best results are achieved when students turn their  preparation into a structured process. Having a more systematic approach allows students to make small consistent changes that add up to large improvement over a long period of time. In our experience, the small-group teaching style, similar to an Oxford tutorial or a Cambridge supervision, will provide a better forum for discussion and enable more personalised attention for each student.
Japanese Characters: "Kai" (Change) and "Zen" (Good)
Our Core Values
We aim to provide the most personalised, accessible and well-structured Oxbridge admissions and A-level support available. We value accessibility, so want students from across the country and from a range of socio-economic backgrounds to be able to benefit from our services. We hope that students will not only gain knowledge about what they need to know for their exams and interviews, but also about how best to approach and structure their learning, especially using our free resources.

Meet the Team


Engineering @ New College, Oxford


Engineering @ Queens' College, Cambridge


Maths @ St John's College, Cambridge


Physics @ Queens' College, Cambridge


Physics @ Magdelen College, Oxford


Engineering @ Balliol College, Oxford


Bio NatSci @ Selwyn College, Cambridge


Maths @ Emmanuel College, Cambridge
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