1-on-1 Lessons


We offer 1-on-1 lessons to students. These lessons can be customised to cover a broad range of topics, or provide more focused attention on a particular subject. Feel free to pick your tutor, but we cannot guarantee your first choice, due to our tutors' time constraints.

In More Detail...


Customisable Lessons

Choice of lesson topic and style in advance

Focused Attention

We hope to build a relationship outside of lessons, where you can contact your tutor with any queries/questions

Carefully Planned Lessons

Our tutors will spend time before the lesson covering the relevant material to give you the best value for money


These lessons are ideal for students who want to cover specific material, or who want more direct attention from our tutors. Students can customise the lessons as they see fit, but here are a few examples to choose from:
- Mock interview
- Revision/explanation of an A-level topic
- Discussion of revision skills and technique

These sessions will run from August through to early December and will be arranged between the tutors and the students directly. We aim to use these sessions to help our students get used to discussing technical topics directly with a tutor, just like they will do in their interview and hopefully in their tutorials/supervisions in the future. Through these discussions, we will stretch, test and improve their knowledge of their subjects. This will provide the students with confidence heading into their tests/interviews.


Email us at kaizenoxbridgetutors@gmail.com or give us a ring on +447887369691

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