Matching Scheme

We think it is extremely important that all students can have access to our services, regardless of background. For every paying student, we offer at least one free session to a student from an underfunded school or disadvantaged socio-economic background.

In More Detail...

We seek out these target schools ourselves through various outreach programmes. However, if you would like free sessions and your school has not been contacted, please see the criteria below to see if you are eligible. If you are, please email us at and we will send you the required forms to fill out. Please note: we ask for proof of address for those who apply for the matching scheme.

We use the IMD (Index of Multiple Deprivation), ACORN and POLAR4 postcode classifications to determine if students qualify. If your postcode meets any of the three requirements below, then you are eligible for the discount:

- ACORN Category 4 or 5
- POLAR4 Category 1 or 2
- IMD Decile 1 or 2

ACORN categorises postcodes by socio-economic disadvantage. It is free to register with ACORN and to check what category your postcode falls into. You can find more about ACORN’s methodology here.

POLAR4 categorises postcodes based on how likely students living in those postcodes are to participate in higher education. It is free to check on the POLAR4 website which category your postcode falls into. You can find more about POLAR4’s methodology here.

The IMD (Index of Multiple Deprivation) uses seven different measures of deprivation, including income and education, to compare the relative total level of deprivation between different areas of the country. It is free to look up your area's ranking here.

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