Meet The Team

Our team is made up of driven, talented Oxbridge Students, all of whom studied various STEM subjects.

Aran Veneik
Biomedical and Information Engineering @ New College, Oxford

Aran is in the final year of his master's course and is specialising in machine learning and biomedical engineering. Outside of the classroom, he is a keen sportsman and he has played rugby for the university. He is in his third year as a Target Oxbridge mentor, so has plenty of experience supporting students through the application process.

Armaan Kamerkar
Manufacturing Engineering @ Queens' College, Cambridge

Armaan is our resident squash player and entrepreneurial enthusiast. He achieved a 1st in his first and second years, and really enjoyed the general introduction to engineering at Cambridge. Now going into fourth year, he is specialising in Manufacturing Engineering – working on interesting projects such as portable 3D printers.

Kelan Patel
Biomedical Engineering @ Balliol College, Oxford

Kelan is a keen engineer, taking on the role of Engineering president at Balliol College. He achieved a 1st in his first year, and is fascinated by Biomedical engineering, one of his specialties going into the final year of his degree. He is also a keen sportsman (can run a sub-15 5k) and very involved in college life.

Billie Meadowcroft
Physics @ Queens' College, Cambridge

Despite studying at Cambridge, Billie lives in Oxford and thinks it is the better city. She loves both teaching and learning Physics, and is currently doing a phD in computational biophysics at UCL. Her favourite topic is general relativity, and she achieved top 10 in her year in her 4th year exams at Cambridge. In her free-time, she likes to drink beer, listen to music, and go river swimming.

Thomas Foster
Physics @ Magdelen College, Oxford

Thomas is taking a master’s course in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics. His passion for his subject helped him to top his year group at Oxford in their first-year exams and to win Physics Cup 2019. He hopes to use his tutoring experience and his first-hand knowledge of the admissions process to help prospective students.

Lennie Wells
Maths @ St John's College, Cambridge

Lennie is a talented mathematician, and an enthusiastic teacher. In Year 13 he came in the Top 30 for each of the national Maths, Physics and Chemistry Olympiads. He is a regular on UKMT summer schools, and has hobbies including vegetable growing, jazz saxophone and ultimate frisbee.

Benj Chesser
Maths @ Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Benj is a lively mathematician with a particular passion for teaching. He achieved a 1st in his first year at Cambridge, and is mainly interested in areas of applied mathematics like Vector Calculus. Away from the world of numbers, he’s a keen squash and hockey player, and enjoys gardening in his free time.

Owen Tutt
Bio NatSci @ Selwyn College, Cambridge

Owen has just graduated from Selwyn College, Cambridge with a Double First in Biological Natural Sciences. He really enjoyed the breadth of the course but ultimately specialised in Pathology. Outside the course he was tempted into rowing and never managed to escape and so ended up as his college’s Captain. He was also the Selwyn subject rep for Bio Natsci.

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