Interview Workshops

£129 per person

These workshops are carefully planned to give a comprehensive overview of the techniques and skills required for the interview. Detailed below are further details explaining the workshop.

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Interview Workshops


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Online Teaching

All 4 hours of teaching done over video call

1-on-1 Mock Interviews

2x30min mock interviews with different tutors

Interview Handbook

Notes containing sample questions, interview techniques and suggested practice schedules


The morning session will look at frequently asked questions, and the afternoon mock interviews will test the students' ability to think under pressure, simulating a real Oxbridge interview. The afternoon interview timings will vary for each student, but we will aim to accomodate everyone.


The interview workshops will run in September, each 4 hours in length, over the course of one day.

The morning sessions are in the style of an Oxford tutorial or Cambridge supervision, with just 3 students per tutor, giving each student adequate face-to-face time. In the afternoon, students will have two half hour interviews with different tutors. The focus of the workshops is to ensure the students are aware of the types of questions they may face in the interview and how best to break-down and solve the different types of problems they will face. We will also provide our students with a systematic and rigorous approach for preparing for their interviews. Students will become familiar with the types of question asked and how to apply their A-level knowledge best in different situations. Those who sign up to a workshop will receive access to an Interview Handbook that contains example questions, tips, techniques and a revision template.


We use POLAR, ACORN and IMD to offer students discounts based on their postcode. For more information, please click here.

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